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All my poems are original and personally written my me.
Most of them are inspired by true events and experiences.

Love Surrender

    Love Surrender By. Monster Angel The genuine you love the more it hurts The deeper you care the more profound the pain The greater your longing, the more sacrifice you reap The...


In Two Months

  In Two Months By. Moster Angel Finally After knowing one other We will see each other face to face In two months We can share a cup of coffee Perhaps a cup of...

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Life’s Misery

. Life’s Misery By. Monster Angel . Life’s Misery By. Monster Angel Forgetting the pastIs the hardest thing to doLeaving someone I truly loveIs the last thing I would do Life is full of...

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My Lost Romeo

. My Lost Romeo By. Monster Angel . My Lost Romeo By. Monster Angel You’re my only loveAnd I call you my loveYou are my RomeoAnd my inamorato I feel so captivatedTo be loved...

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. Felicity By. Monster Angel . Felicity By. Monster Angel Teach me how to flyLike the angels in the sky That brightens up each dayAnd brings life to a new day Follow the radianceOf...

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