By. Monster Angel


Can you hear me? Galileo!

Don’t you let me go!

Darkness has come

It has enveloped everyone

Who will overcome

What shall I become

Is there hope

In this unending loop

I wish I can cope

And never be trapped in this hoop

Bismillah… Bismillah!

Hear me, please!

Galileo, Please don’t let me go!

I want to run

But where can I ran

My mind just summersault

Can this be my fault?


Why can’t you hear me? Galileo!

How could you let me go?

This yoke is so heavy

Breathing is grasping

Air is from a needle hole

This is black hole 

Thunder lightning

Fire and flames

Screams and cries

Die just perish me

Bismillah! Bismillah!

You never heard me! Galileo!

Just let me go!


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