My Lost Romeo

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My Lost Romeo

By. Monster Angel


My Lost Romeo

By. Monster Angel

You’re my only love
And I call you my love
You are my Romeo
And my inamorato

I feel so captivated
To be loved by you
All I ever wanted
Was to be with you

And finally will you marry me
You asked me
Yes I will marry you
And live my lifetime with you

I gave you wholly
I loved you unconditionally
I gave you totally
I loved you solely

Everything happened so fast
Present turned into past
It was not meant to last
It just needed to past

You became cold it was rust not gold
Beautiful memoirs turned spoiled as mold
Not even our friendship was saved
You just turned your back and faded

Tears left falling
Never heard my hearts aching
Leaving without talking
Your hearts not beating

Into the bliss fading
Into the dark not worth remembering
Goodbye to my Romeo
And my inamorato

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