God is Merciful, but What is too Much and What is Enough?

God is Merciful, but What is too Much and What is Enough?

By. Meline Ngo


God is Merciful, but What is too Much and What is Enough?

We always see and read the famous quote “The Lord our God is Merciful and Forgiving.”

We must not overuse this quote, we need to understand that there are certain obligations that concern this that we have to consider, otherwise we are misleading a lot of people. Especially now in this world where there are countless who no longer respect and believe in religion. Who has plainly neglected our creator, our God the Father almighty.

One man said that he believes in God but he doesn’t believe in religion. How can this be? Religion is the foundation of our faith. This is where we read our scriptures, listen to the words of God, and find our assurance from our Father. This is where we build our community. Religion aids us to know who we are, where we came from, and help us prepare our way back home to our creator.

If there is no religion then there is no house of God, there is no place to worship, there is no community. There will be no “communion” (becoming one) the oneness which is the calling of God to His people. We must remember that the church, regardless of our religion, is still the house of our God and the proper place to pray so we must go to church on the Sabbath day. To show our devotion, faithfulness, fidelity, and commitment to our Father.

Some people will say, we can pray anywhere; yes, nobody said we can’t. It is like saying, any man can just face the wall or any tree whenever they need to pee right? Nobody said they can’t, but still, there is a proper place for them to go and pee. If you get what I mean.

We can call a person a “deist?” A person not concerned with the affairs of men. Religion indeed is imperative because it is where we really experience God’s presence intimately. Obviously, when a person uttered “I believe in God” but does not love people; he is literally a liar. As stated:

If someone says “I love God,” but hates Christian brother or sister, that person is a liar; for if we don’t love people we can see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see? (Jn1.4:20) 

Our God is so merciful and forgiving yes, but what is enough and what is too much for Him?

As I have said earlier, we’ve been overusing the quote that “The Lord our God is Merciful and Forgiving.” that is possibly deceiving to enormous people and forget that there is heaven and there is HELL too. The devil is so much alive as much as our God and all our Saints and not all sins can be forgiven. Somewhat people must be reminded and need to realize this as early as possible.

Humanity seemed to have forgotten to take care of their selves, their souls, their holy spirit. Many are enjoying their life to the fullest getting rich and famous, some just practically gave up religion and live happily, others believe in religion but doesn’t practice it, a lot would go to church just to check who’s who, and who’s not? What new? Who is in and who is out? Just for the gossips in short.

I wonder if these people have ever think of their deaths ever and how far are they with their preparation with it. Because as we know, when we were born, there is only one certainty in this world for us and that is death, our return to our creator, unless one will be unfortunate and be in HELL. Death, we don’t know when it will happen and how it will happen, so we always need to be prepared for it anytime. So how are you doing with your preparation so far? TIME CHECK!

Heaven or Hell? So what is enough and what is too much?

We must recognize that our God is capable of punishment and can be angry too. Remember that God had punished Adam and Eve by sending them out of the Garden of Eden and He cursed the snake for tempting Eve for eating the fruit from the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:14-24). Until now, we all need to be baptized in order to be delivered from the original sin brought by Adam and Eve’s transgression. Also, if we can recall when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and saw all the buyers and sellers at the Temple, He was so upset and drove them away. He said to them, “According to scripture, my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are turning it into a bandits’ den’” (Matthew 21:12-1).

So how can we tell what is enough and what is too much?

Here, I’m sharing to you a true story:

There is one priest in Metro Manila. He was assigned in a Big Parish Church and the parishioners just adore him and during his masses, and there will surely be full of people because they just love how he delivers his homily. The Priest makes sure he prepares his homily for his mass at all times and he is pleased for his parishioner’s endearment. But one day, the priest had a car accident, it was so bad that the doctors can almost see his brain and skull and they were all uncertain if he will survive. The priest said, during that time he knew he was already dead and he was talking to a man in a robe; and he was sentenced to hell. But suddenly, he heard a very soft voice of a lady saying “please give him a chance” two times. Then he realized it was the voice of our Our Mother Mary. After that, before he knew it, he was back to life and all he can hear were the doctors in the operating room in a panic that the patient is alive.

We really don’t know what God wants. In this story, what? Humility maybe? Was it too much pride that he was sentenced to hell? Was it enough to be in hell? It is said that once you believe you are humble you just lost humility.

Therefore, how Merciful can the Lord our God be? How far can He forgive?

Remember, Lucifer is an angel turned demon. He knew the inside and out of being good! This is the very reason why evils can deceive men! The advantage of evils over good men. Good can never be bad, but bad can pretend to be good!

Pray hard and not rely too much in God’s mercy. And don’t be deceived by evil.

Do You Know the Different Classes of UNBELIEVERS?

ATHEIST, who deny there is a God.

DEIST, who admit there is a God, but deny that He revealed a religion.

AGNOSTICS, who will neither deny nor admit the existence of God.

INFIDELS, who have never been baptized, and who, through want faith, refused to be baptized.

HERETICS, who are baptized Christians but does not believe in all articles of faith.

SCHISMATICS, who have been baptized and believe all the articles of faith but do not submit to the authority of the Pope.

APOSTATES, who have rejected true religion, in which formerly believed, to join false religion.

RATIONALISTS and MATERIALISTS, who believes only in material things.

Prayer for Humility

Jesus, help me to be authentically humble in the challenges of each day.

Teach me what it means to be humble.

Help me to wait my turn to speak and to be at peace when others outshine me.

Grant that I may listen with a spirit of objectivity rather than an ‘I know it all’ attitude.

Lord, grant that I not only be content with who I am,

but have confidence that your grace can make me better!

Help me to be obedient without resentment and ready to do Your Will.

I ask that You make up for whatever I lack and increase those desires within me that lead to true humility.

Most of all, help me to believe in your revelations, hope in Your word, and love you more than myself.

Jesus, meek and humble of heart, make my heart like unto Thine!


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