The month of October is devoted to the Holy Rosary. We celebrate the Memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary on October 7th.

The month of October falls under Ordinary Time, represented by the liturgical color green. Historically, this period is marked by the account where Mary appeared before Saint Dominic following a time of prayer and penances that he offered after failed success in combat. According to the details of the account, Mary gave him the Rosary explaining how its efficacy sustained its power and asked him to share its uses with others.

The Rosary is often believed to be symbolic of the entire life of Jesus Christ, that which is made in His passion, death, resurrection, and glory. Likewise, the Rosary honors Mary as a tribute to the mission she was given from God, and for the merit in which she has served that mission and followed so closely, for Him.

In prayer, we are reminded of the sanctity of the Rosary and its teachings, which nurture in many ways the spiritual virtues of faith, hope, and charity. We keep in mind the many ways these special graces offered through the Rosary help us become more like unto Christ, and regard it as one of Our Lady’s gifts for bringing us closer to God.

Everybody may offer additional prayers may throughout the month of July; for personal devotion, and to help strengthen the relationship with God. These prayers are helpful to connect with the time of year, anyone can pray at any time throughout the month. The Liturgical Calendar guides us in prayer for the Saints, and obligation days within each liturgical season. These prayers are the categories and Liturgical Months and Prayers and Devotions.


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