And a sword will pierce even your own soul—to the end that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed.


SEPTEMBER The month of September is devoted to Our Lady of Sorrows. The Church celebrates this memorial on September 15th. The month of September falls under Ordinary Time, represented by the liturgical color green. September is being devoted to the Seven Sorrows of Mary reminds us of God’s intention to communicate to her, the eternal designs of creation, and the most mysterious incommunicable things about Him.

Seven Sorrows of Mary

Our Lady’s cooperation in the redemption of mankind and the world reminds us of her magnificence. The Church marks this period as a time to celebrate not just one mystery of Christ, but views the mystery of Christ in all aspects. In prayer, we focus this time on understanding how her sorrows contributed to His divine plan. Though her sorrows were not required for our redemption, according to God, they were inseparable from it.





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