Does God Really Send People to Hell?

Does God Send People to Hell?

By. Meline Ngo


Every person Has their Fears, and One of Them is Death. The Curiosity beyond Is scaring Us the Most. And One question lies; where are we going after? And worse; Is hell for real? Does God really send people to hell?

These questions bother us often, but in reality, from the very beginning, we knew that the moment we were born, we came with the original sin; from the very first second of our existence in this earth, we are already a sinner; and as a sinner, we are on our way to hell.

Oh yes, Hell is for real! It’s all over the bible. All the Apostles have talked about them, Mark, Luke, John, Matthew, Paul, Peter, and James, so better take it seriously. Hell is considered to be the eternal punishment for all sinners.

But! of course, there’s a but, there is a way out. Definitely! Because our God is loving and forgiving. Remember that the Lord God, our ultimate Father, has sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ here on earth to save us. Therefore, the only way is for us to receive Jesus in our life! How? First, by receiving the Holy Sacrament of Baptism.

This clearly reveals that God has made His way to save us from hell and doesn’t send people to hell.  All we need is to Accept and Receive Jesus. But it is easier said than done. Correct! Because after receiving the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, it is only the beginning of our reception of Jesus into our lives; it doesn’t stop there. From there onwards, we need to believe genuinely in Jesus, follow His way, His words, and the gospel. We need to learn and trust that ‘the Holy Father, Son, and Spirit are one, and we live in one body, one soul.’ 

As I often say,

“if you don’t believe in the Holy Trinity, you don’t have a place in the Holy Bible.”

But every day, people weep, cry, and suffer which makes their heart falter and make all these very hard to do and questions their faith. People who have gone through injustices, maltreatments, and bullying often asked why God allow this to happen to me? How could He not send these sinful perpetrators to hell immediately, more so forgive them for what they did? Where is justice for us? Why? How could He? These unending questions of doubts come one after another.

It is indeed challenging to live as believers and followers of Jesus. But to answer all your distrust, we only need to remember that Jesus is here to save us all and not to leave anyone if He can. Regarding the injustices, maltreatments, and bullying that we suffer; What about Jesus’ sufferings and dying? He was innocent! But He was misjudged, maltreated, bullied, and crucified! His heart was even pierced with a lance! And He died. He has no choice but to die to redeem the whole world; To save us all.

God is truly loving and forgiving and loves us all. He is very supportive of everyone. God gives us a chance to renew and be forgiven. That is why He is here, for us.  Therefore we should as well be forgiving towards each other.

So again, does God send people to hell? It is a big No! If one soul goes to hell, he has chosen it by his desire.







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