The Reckless Driver and The Boring Priest – Who Made it to Heaven?

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15


The Reckless Driver and The Boring Priest – Who Made it to Heaven?

From different worlds, two men worked hard daily to bring the fruits of their labor, one to his family, the other to his parish.
Every day the bus driver needs to drive his bus from early dawn to midnight and carry as many passengers to and fro as many trips as possible to cater to his family’s daily needs. Once he sits on that bus, he is full of confidence in stirring that wheel, with his only goal in mind is that he needs to bring home the bread and butter at the end of the day to his family.
The Parish Priest hears daily the confession, celebrates daily mass, and delivers his homily to his parishioners; gives blessings to his parishioners, and receives the offerings from them for the parish. At the end of the day, he fulfills his mission for the day; this is the routine for church service (office work excluded) except when there is a sick call, a funeral, or a wedding.
One day, both the bus driver and the Parish Priest were caught in a car accident, died, and went up to Heaven gate. The two of them were both facing St. Peter, the gatekeeper, as he said, “ok, bus driver, you may go in. I’m sorry, Parish Priest, you did not make it.”  
The Parish Priest was astonished by what he heard and asked. “What happened? Why did I not make it, and that bus driver made it?? He was driving so recklessly that caused everyone’s death.”
St. Peter smiled and replied, “he is indeed a reckless driver, but because of his driving skills, he made all his passengers pray at all times, not only for their lives but also for him. How many people has he called to turn to call unto God again? 
“But what did I do wrong?” ask the Parish Priest. “You did not do any wrong, but you did not do enough. How can you not realize that everyone in your church is sleeping during your homily? They are so bored with your homily that they fall asleep and not praying with you.” 
Both men only focus on bringing home the bread and butter at the end of the day and fulfilling their missions.
Brothers and sisters, let us not go to heaven alone; let us bring as many with us as much as possible. Pray with as many people as you can and bring them with you (well, not literally, but spiritually… I’m sure you know what I mean). We don’t want to walk to heaven alone and be there on our own.

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