The month of December is devoted to the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is celebrated on December 8th.

In December, the first 24 days fall under the Liturgical Season of Advent, represented by the liturgical color purple. The days that follow mark the beginning of the Christmas season, which continues through December, and is represented by the liturgical color white, or sometimes, gold. From the celebration of this feast, this period invites us to meditate on the virtue of purity.

From the moment of Immaculate Conception, God preserved Mary from original sin as was the second privilege led by His first, which was her creation.

Everybody may offer additional prayers throughout December for personal devotion and to help strengthen the relationship with God. These prayers are helpful to connect with the time of year; anyone can pray at any time throughout the month. The Liturgical Calendar guides us in prayer for Saints and obligation days within each liturgical season. These prayers are the categories and Liturgical Months and Prayers and Devotions.







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