The month of April is devoted to the Holy Spirit. The Liturgical Season of Lent often continues through the beginning of April, represented by the liturgical color purple, and ends with the beginning of Easter Season, which will continue through the rest of April. The Liturgical Calendar uses white to symbolize this period known as Easter, as it is symbolic of joy, innocence, purity, and light. During this time, the Lenten journey draws to a close, and we now focus on the celebration that follows the period of sacrifice and prayer given in solemn commemoration for the last days and death of our Lord. This celebration of Easter prepares us to follow Christ from the cross, and witness His glorious resurrection; to fully reap the bounty of the Harvest of Heaven. With prayer during this time, we exalt in the mystery for which we were graciously redeemed.

Additional prayers may be offered throughout the month of April for personal devotion, and to help strengthen the relationship with God. These prayers are helpful to connect with the time of year, and can be prayed anytime throughout the month. The Liturgical Calendar guides us in choosing the proper prayers for honoring Saints, and specific obligation days within the liturgical season. These prayers can be found under the categories, Saints, and Liturgical Season.

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