How scary it is to have pneumonia for a lupus patient?

Everyday as I read about the pandemic (Corona virus) better known as the COVID 19, it gives me chill on my spine as it reminds me of my last hospitalisation in November 27, 2019 in which I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

I am a person with Lupus. A little background about lupus; Lupus is an auto immune decease (SLE – Systemic lupus erythematosus) In this disease, the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. And at anytime it can destroy any organs of the body. And SLE up to this time has no cure and is a life time decease.

With this COVID 19 around I couldn’t find ease. I feel my life is like a tik-tok bomb just around the corner that can end anytime.

The pneumonia I had last November was already an ordeal to get though. The first four days I can hardly breath, and speak. Every breath and word I had to take I needed to grasped for air despite the oxygen I have. I was not only out of breath but there was a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and my back whenever I inhale and exhale.

I can’t move, I can’t even stand to go to the toilet. Eating and drinking was a challenged. But having a lupus makes it more difficult. My veins collapsed and my IV needed to be reinserted everyday, sometimes twice a day. I was in the hospital for 9 days and my IV was reinserted 17 times (the missed shots/insertions not included). The nurses were already very worried and can no longer find a vein to insert the needle on both of my left and right arm.

this was how sore my arm was.

I was also diagnosed with mild stroke as complication; blame it to lupus. It can do Just anything, just anything to our body to ruin. I can’t lift my left arm and I can’t feel my left leg. And I needed to undergo physical therapy. I needed to learn how to start walking again.

Through Gods faith and a lot of perseverance, I did made it.

Looking at this COVID 19, hoping everyone cooperates so that we can combat this altogether as soon as possible. If we are all united the faster we can move on.

I’ve been hiding in my house and so afraid to go out. I have sent my youngest daughter with the rest of her siblings and haven’t seen her for awhile; I really miss her. My mother and I can’t see each other either.

People like us with Lupus have very little chance in surviving this virus. A mere cough and cold can knock us down for a week.

Hoping to inspire people to fight COVID 19 especially for Lupus patients.

God Bless and stay safe and healthy everyone.

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